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RTI Act and Rules

RTI Act, Rules & Reading Materials

1. RTI Act
RTI Act 2005               English               Malayalam

2. RTI Rules
Cost and Fee Rules
Cost Amendment Rule
Appeal Rule
3. GO's and Circulars
G.O.(P) No.367/05/GAD Dated10-10-2005
G.O.(P) No.8026/05/ Dated 19-10-2005
G.O.(MS) No.384/2005/GAD Dated28-10-2005
No.11259/Cdn.5/2006/GAD Dated9th May 2006
G.O. No.198/2007/ Dated16-08-2007
G.O.(MS) No.26/2008/GAD Dated 22-01-2008
G.O.(MS) No.26/2008/Dated 22-01-2008
G.O.(MS) No.41/2008/ Dated 14-02-2008

Circular I No. 77000/CDN 5/06/ Dated 30-10-2006
Circular II No. 77000/CDN 5/06/ Dated30-10-2006
Circular No. 58476/CDN 5/07 Dated3-12-2007
Circular No. 58266/CDN 5/08/ Dated14-8-2008
Circular No. 61/2008 Dated 15-10-2008

4. GOIReports
ARC - RTI Final Report
National Convention - 2006
National Conference Recommendations - 2007
National Convention - 2008

5. RTI Manuals, Guides, Handbooks
IMG RTI Guide Malayalam
Citizen's Guide - Centre for Good Governance
IMG RTI - Handbook in Malaylam
Trainer's Handbook
CGGs Guide for Civil Society Organisations
GOI Guide on RTI
UNDP Guide on RTI
FOI Australia Summary
US Info Access Guide

6. RTI Articles
Vivaravakasha Niyamangal Matturakkapedumbol- Lalith Babu
Advocate P.K.Ibrahim on RTI Act
Article - Dr. Jaya S Anand
Article - Parvathy
Case of RTI HP - Abhishek Jain
An Exception to RTI - Chandrabos
Major Impediments - Advocate D.B.Binu
RTI A Fundamental Human Right - Sadique
RTI and Route to Effective Implementation - V V Giri
Article - Smt. Sheela R Chandran
Article On Right To Information - Renjith

7. RTIStudyReports
Study Reports 1

CHRI Survey Report 2009
IMG - RTI Implemetation in Kerala - Dr. Jaya S Anand
NCPRI Report 2008
RTI and the Poor - McCall & Wilde-UNDP
RTI in UP - Case Study
Status of the RTI in the Pacific Islands of the CommonWealth
Tracking the Progress of RTI - PRIA

Study Reports 2

Heightening Access to Information in Vietnam - Jairo Acuna Alfaro
Transparency & Accountability in Governance & RTI in India - Dr. Sheila Rai
RTI as a Human Right & Developments in India - Debashish Sankhari
RTI Study Executive Summary PWC - 2009
Study by Toby Mendel
RTI - A Study in Orissa
World Bank Institute Working Paper Series - Andrew Puddephatt

8. RTI Presentations
Presentation - Jaya S Anand
High Court's Judgements on RTI - MKS (English)
Presentation - Lalith Babu