RTI Portal Purpose

Purpose of the RTI Portal

  • The RTI Act is progressive and transformational legislation enacted in 2005.
  • The ACT confers the rights of citizens to seek information on how they are governed. The ACT prescribes the categories of information and also enlists the exceptions on these.
  • This portal seeks to sensitize and empower citizens on the use and practice of the ACT.
  • The procedures to be followed to obtain and dispense information are outlined.
  • The ACT also details the constitutional mechanisms and their mandate in operationalizing this ACT.
  • The portal seeks to government functionaries in the provisions of the ACT, procedures to be followed to dispense information, and all related aspects that a Public servant needs to know about RTI ACT.
  • The endeavor is to improve transparency, accountability and responsiveness of government systems and thereby improve the quality of governance.
  • Any citizen could access the portal to understand the mandate and scope of RTI and update themselves on the changes/ amendments to the ACT if any. They could also undertake a self-study on the RTI ACT.
  • The portal is created with the financial assistance of the Department of Personnel and Training. Government of India.
  • The portal is created by the Institute of Management in Government.
  • The technical assistance in Designing, Creating, Updating and Maintaining the portal is provided by Kerala University of Digital Science, Innovation and Technology in short Digital University Kerala (DUK), formerly Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala (IIITM-K).