e-learning course on RTI

About e-LEARNING course on RTI

IMG has been identified as the Nodal Training Agency for RTI with the mandate of capacity building and training of the demand and supply side. IMG as the pioneer in the field of e-learning, started the online course on RTI in 2011 . Since it was practically impossible to train all government employees and the citizens in a short span through class room training alone, IMG ventured into the distance learning mode and conceived the idea of the RTI Knowledge Portal.(http://rti.img.kerala.gov.in). This was developed with the technical support from IIITM-K, Kerala. The portal was formally launched by the Hon’ble Vice President of India Dr.M Hameed Ansari in July 2010. The portal is unique as it serves as a single referral point for the users on all information relating to RTI Act. The main objective of the portal is to educate the public and government employees, help the learner to understand and apply the Right To Information Act ,2005 in its true spirit to achieve the objective of the Act.The main target group of RTI knowledge portal is the public (common citizen) and the government employees.

The e-learning course provides course management system for RTI training that enables people to register for the course when it is announced, to learn and to get certified. The Act has been divided in to 8 simple and user friendly modules in a manner wherein a learner can read, comprehend and learn about the provisions of the Act. The course is designed with provision for evaluation of the learning by administering quiz / test at the end of eighth module.

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