RTI Online Learning Portal


Instruction for Online Learning

  1. The participants for the programme are solicited through press release. Any citizen above 16 years of age can apply and register for the same.
  2. Participants are required to enter their name and particulars without any error.
  3. All applicants are selected and on selection are assigned with a course slot. The programme duration is two weeks.
  4. Participants are required to take the course on RTI with eight modules.
  5. Participants can check your progress after each module.
  6. There will be an objective test comprising of 40 questions at the end of eighth module. In order to get certified 50% of the questions attempted should be correct.
  7. Those who do not succeed in the first attempt will be provided two more attempts.
  8. On successful completion of the eight modules, they will be provided an online course certificate which could be downloaded.
  9. Participants could use all resources like FAQ, ask an expert and access uploaded material.
  10. The certificate programme is not aimed as an academic exercise. This program is intended more to improve the civic consciousness of the public.
  11. There will be interaction with the resource person or administrator through online means.
  12. The programme is totally free of cost.

Some Tips

  1. RTI Hub section in the website provides you information about RTI Acts and Rules.
  2. Candidates are requested to read and get familiarized with the bare Act before reading the MODULES in the e-Learning Module.
  3. For better understanding, related links and websites, other suggested readings available in the RTI Knowledge Portal of IMG's website may be referred to.
  4. You may choose either English or Malayalam as per your convenience.